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The trade- Industrial Zone of Hrpelje Kozina 1600m2 Print

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Property Description

We have the following business properties to offer: a range of production, trade and warehouse units, situated in the TIZ (the Trade- Industrial Zone) of Hrpelje - Kozina. These halls are made with the help of the latest technology, applied when manufacturing the prefabricated concrete halls, and are in tune with the international quality standards. Moreover, they are the only ones in the territory of Slovenia that have at their disposal the CE certification. The units are made up until the fourth building stage, completed with all the installations that are adequately arranged and thus connected to the hall itself. The roof is constructed with the “roofing shed” system which offers the placement of roof windows all over the roof.The roof windows in question allow natural light to permeate the premises which consequently enables to make the unit more energy efficient and as a result, it helps make further cost-effective energy saving improvements. Due to the very nature of the roofing shed system whose roof windows face the north, the entire southern part can be used as a preprocessing for a future installation of the photocells with increased heat efficiency on the entire roof’s surface. We have already given some thoughts on what the future can hold and that is the reason why we have prepared the complete infrastructure, starting from the halls and all the way to the trans coil, designed for a future installation of the photocells precisely on our halls. We are driven to abide solely by the latest advances in technology and by the best possible quality and that is the reason why the facades of our halls are made of the most prestigious milled marble while the main door entrance gates are remote controlled. In addition, there are efficient 6-chamber PVC window profiles, burglar proof doors and there is also a high amount of other construction information to be found incorporated in our products that are much better than the ones found in any other similar halls.

Our halls are definitely worth visiting or even better worth buying.

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  • Location OIC Kozina-Hrpelje
  • Price Call for Price
  • Property Type: Sale
  • Availability: Available
  • Surface area: 1600 m2


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