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The AB prefabricated concrete hall

Facade panels

fasadneFacade panels are the elements that most affect the aesthetic result of the whole frame. The Prefabbricati Zanon in the production pays special attention and care.
The plates have a standard pattern 2,50m or variable pattern, depending on the different architectural needs.

The external finishing can be a choice of; rough, smooth with the support of the parent color in washed gravel or marble sand. Combinations can be obtained from various mixtures, of which different sands have endless shades which vary by joining dyed gray or bases, depending on the aesthetic needs.

Depending on the purpose we have 4 types of facade panels:

  • The panel "sandwich" made up of a layer that does not allow the material between the two layers of concrete.
  • Thermal cutting boards, typically due to the high thermal insulation.
  • Full board or Rei 120 used as internal manifolds as well.
  • Ventilation panels with anti condensation function.