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The AB prefabricated concrete hall

The precast reinforced concrete roof »EUROPIANA«

pianaThis type of roofing precisely, also known as »Europiana”, was created in 1972 and it was introduced as a sound insulator from the very start due to the intermediate position of the exstended texture clay boards that are 8 cm thick.

The precast reinforced concrete roof “EUROPIANA” is constructed of flat, reinforced-concrete I-beams or girders with variable height and two squared roofing sheds or trusses that consist of sloping rafters which meet at the ridgeat equal distances, whichare calculated based on overload capacity, of desirable lengths and intermediate position in the diagonal direction on the beams themselves with expanded clay boards or with the boards that are 20 cm thick with intermediate space made from expanded polystyrene.

The beam »Europiana« is made of different heights (75/83/105/113 cm) with the basic variable thickness from 8 to 15 cm; because of the latter it allows the application of 8 different combinations and at the same time it reaches the maximum length which is 30 m.

The precast reinforced concrete roof “EUROPIANA” can offer the fire resistance time up to three hours (R180).