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The AB prefabricated concrete hall

The precast reinforced concrete roof »EUROSHED«

euroshedBesides the precast reinforced concrete roof “Europiana” and “Z-SHED” the company Prefabbricati Zanon also manufactures the roof construction named »EUROSHED« that is made of SHED roof with a square core.

EUROSHED is made when laying the concrete melting pots on the construction elements in order to form a window, one metre high.

EUROZENITALE is made when assembling two squared roofing sheds or trusses that consist of sloping rafters which meet at the ridge, spaced at every 5 m, (with the intermediate concrete melting pots).

The roof beams or girders are made with the use of the Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) concept, the latest generation concrete surface which is also compact in itself and it also makes handling and levelling as easy as possible due to its self-levelling feature which in fact allows a perfect external processing. Moreover, it also helps get rid of all the classical imperfections, such as separation and clay litter. The roof beams or girders can reach the length of 32 m and fire resistance time up to three hours (R180).